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    SPAWAR Systems

    SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific UROV using Crustcrawlers 17” waterproof vessel and 400HFS-L thrusters (Courtesy of James Sears)
    Published On:
    April 19 2016
  • Graal Tech SRL Italy

    Graal Tech SRL Italy choose Crustcrawlers 400HFS-L Thrusters as their main thruster for their UROV product line
    Published On:
    April 08 2016
  • SentiBotics Chooses Crustcrawlers Pro-Series Robotic Arm Components

    Sentibitics has chosen Crustcrawler’s modular and scaleable Pro-Series Robotic Arm components to be paired with their new intelligent, mobile robotics platforms.
    Published On:
    Aug 31 2015
  • Stockridge High School ROV project II

    Stockridge High School uses Crustcrawlers 400HFS-L thrusters and a GoPro camera system to look for lost WWII planes in the Palau Islands. The students have been very successful and have found several missing wareplanes
    Published On:
    Aug 27 2014
  • Hibot Japan chose Crustcrawlers 400HFS-L Thrusters

    HiBot Japan chose Crustcrawlers 400HFS-L Thrusters for their Anchor Diver UROV for search and rescue and underwater structural inspections including inspection of the Fukushima nuclear power plant
    Published On:
    Aug 27 2014
  • National Instruments Week

    National Instruments used Crustcrawlers AX-18A Smart Robotic Arm and their MyRIO controller to draw the faces of show attendees at the yearly NIWeek event held in Austin Texas August 4th thru August 7th
    Published On:
    Aug 11 2014
  • Stockridge High School ROV Project

    Stockridge High school builds UROV using Crustcrawlers 400HFS-L thrusters to look for missing planes in the Palau Islands
    Published On:
    Mar 25 2014
  • Georgia Tech ROV

    Georgia Tech uses Crustcrawlers 600HF thrusters as their main propulsion for their UROV design 3 years in a row
    Published On:
    June 1 2014
  • Stockridge High School ROV picture

    Here is a great picture of the StockRidge High school teams UROV over a missing plane in the Palau Islands
    Published On:
    Apr 29 2014