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Videos (wmv)

7lbs Payload -918k
Tripod Walk -1M
Tripod Walk -1.8M
Desert walk -1M
Backing up -885k
Spinning -1.8M

HexCrawler (2DOF Hexapod)

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HexCrawler Full Kit $549.95 $399.00


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Getting Started
Troubleshooting and connection help
Assembly Guide
Test and Assembly PBasic Code
Tune Legs
7-Segemt LED 
Push Button 
check Test the LCD Terminal AppMod
check Create custom graphics for the LCD AppMod with this MS Excel workbook.
Standard PBasic Code
Push Button Demo Code for use with Parallax HexCrawlers that came with LED displays.
check HexCrawler with LCD Appmod for use with CrustCrawler HexCrawlers that come with the LCD display.
Project Code
Radio Control BOE/BS2 (Test Connections)
Radio Control HexCrawler
More code...

Open Source PSC Software

Create, save, and share, timed sequences with this FREE open source software solution from CrustCrawler Robotics. Easily migrate complex motion files to PBASIC without ever writing a line of code!

Beta HexCrawler Code

HexCrawler base is a fully adjustable application. This program contains the basic walking mechanics for the HexCrawler. You can use this program to create your own walking gaits!
HexCrawler PING))) uses the Parallax PING ultra sonic sensor to avoid objects.
HexCrawler RC shows how to easily connect a standard radio controller system to your HexCrawler.
HexCrawler LCD uses a Parallax LCD AppMod to dynamically assign gait parameters from a graphical interface. Select 8 different directions setting, 16 speeds setting, and have full control over horizontal leg swing.
HexCrawler Ping/S3 is a very cool obstacle avoidance application. We mounted a Parallax PING ultra sonic sensor to a CrustCrawler S3 tilt pan system. If the robot detects an obstacle, it will pan left and right to find a clear path.
HexCrawler Ping/S3 LCD this a combination of the HexCrawler LCD and HexCrawler Ping/S3 applications above. Use the LCD Appmod to select gait parameters. Press enter and the HexCrawler walks autonomously.
HexCrawler Ping/S3 RC uses the S3/PING obstacle avoidance but also provides an RC override. If a signal from a RC receiver is detected, the radio control will take over control.
HexCrawler Ping/S3 LCD RC Total Package. Use the LCD AppMod to assign leg swing. Flip on your RC system to gain control of the robot. No RC signal no problem the S3/PING takes over autonomous control. The LCD displays information like distance and current control mode, LCD or PING.

HexCrawler Robotic Kits

Kit Power Packs Include Price
HexCrawler Full Kit

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HexCrawler Full Kit (USB interface)
  • CrustCrawler HexCrawler hardware kit
  • 5052 brushed aluminum body kit
  • Fully Illustrated Construction Guide
  • Parallax USB Board of Education
  • Parallax Basic Stamp II Microcontroller
  • Parallax Servo Controller
  • Parallax 4 button LCD AppMod
  • (12) Hitec HS-422 Servos
  • (4) servo wire extension packs

HexCrawler Basic Kit

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HexCrawler Basic Kit
  • CrustCrawler HexCrawler hardware kit
  • 5052 brushed aluminum body kit
  • Fully illustrated construction guide
  • (12) Hitec HS-422 servos
  • (4) Servo wire extension packs

HexCrawler Hardware Kit

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HexCrawler Hardware Kit
  • CrustCrawler HexCrawler hardware kit
  • 5052 brushed aluminum body kit
  • (4) Servo wire extension packs
  • Fully illustrated construction guide


Technical Specifications

Material Super strong .063 Gauge 5052 aluminum with type II anodizing for weather and scratch resistance Dimensions Overall dimensions - 19.56" X 15.75" (49.68cm X 40.00cm) leg to leg
Prototyping Space 282 sq. inches (1819.35 sq. cm) of total prototyping space is available on the HexCrawler body. Height Standing 6" (15.24cm)
Squatting 4.86" (12.34cm)
Ground Clearance 3.5" (8.89cm) Leg movement 2 degrees of freedom (vertical and horizontal)
Payload Capacity 7.5 lbs. (3.4 kg) Weight 4 lbs. with servos.(1.81 kg)

Parallax Board of education (BOE)
Basic Stamp 2 (BS2)
Parallax Servo Controller (PSC)

HS-422HD Servos
Cored Metal Brush Motor
Top/Resin Bushing Bearing
Stall Torque at 4.8V 45.82 oz/in. (
Stall Torque at 6.0V 56.93 oz/in. (
Speed at 4.8V 0.21sec/60 degrees at no load
Speed at 6.0V 0.16sec/60 degrees at no load
Current Drain (4.8V) 8mA/idle and 150mA no load operating
Current Drain (6.0V) 8.8mA/idle and 180mA no load operating
Dimensions 1.59" x 0.77"x 1.44" (40.6 x 19.8 x 36.6mm)
Weight 1.6oz (45.5g)
S3 tilt / pan system
S2 sensor stand
Infrared distance detection kit
5V Regulator Kit
3300 NiMh battery
Battery charger
BOE power supply
Servo power supply
See all accessories

About the HexCrawler

S3 Tilt Pan

For 2004 we have made the HexCrawler even better than ever by enhancing key features that separates our kits from all of the rest (review the "Key Features" below to find out more). At 19.56 inches (49.68cm) long and 15.5 inches (40.00cm) wide, the HexCrawler is the largest and lightest, all aluminum hexapod kit available anywhere. The HexCrawler's large size and generous number of expansion slots can accommodate a considerable amount of additional electronics and hardware upgrades. With a payload capacity of over 7.5 pounds, no other hexapod kit can even come close to the rugged design, payload capacity and expandability of the HexCrawler.

Additional Enhancements

Increased the HexCrawlers length from 13 inches to 19.56 inches to ensure maximum, physical leg clearance. This enhancement will allow the HexCrawler to walk with a maximum walking stride without the legs physically touching. The front support bracket has been enhanced with sensor "wings" offset at 26.6 degrees. This is especially useful when adding sensors to the front support bracket in that it allows the HexCrawler to have a wider sensory "field of view" than just having a sensor pointing straight in front of the hexapod.

The top deck will now accept the SG5 series robotic arm. Not only can you navigate your environment with the HexCrawler but you can manipulate and interact with it as well!

Key Features

At CrustCrawler, we believe that a hexapod should have some key material and construction features to be a truly useful and robust robotic platform. Our HexCrawler features include:

Super stiff yet light construction materialPem Stud Pivot Point Bottom
All aluminum components are precision CNC machined from incredibly strong .063 ga. 5052 aluminum sheeting.

Integrated Pem Stud Pivot PointsIntegrated Pem Stud Pivot Point Top
Pem studs are super smooth, solid aluminum spacers that are pressed into the aluminum body of the HexCrawler with more than 300 pounds of pressure. These spacers are used as the servo pivot points for all of the HexCrawlers legs. The combination of these spacers and the solid design and aluminum components are what gives the HexCrawler it's overall rugged design and payload capacity.

Integrated Pem NutsPem Nut
Pem nuts are used throughout the key support points (16 in total) of the HexCrawler. Pem nuts are nuts that are pressed into the aluminum sheeting with more than 200lbs. of pressure. Pem nuts lower the number of loose parts in our kits which makes our kits quick and easy to construct. Pem nuts also allow you to have quick and easy access to the lower deck of the HexCrawler without removing major construction components.

Pass Through Leg DesignHorizontally Centered Leg Design
To ensure equal, physical, horizontal movement of all legs during the HexCrawlers walking cycle, the legs have been physically designed to align with the horizontal leg servos.

Pass Through Leg Design
Having the ability to expand and add lots of additional electronics and sensors to your hexapod is a key component of robotic experimentation and development. The HexCrawlers "pass-thru" leg design allows you to route and secure electronics at any point on the legs of the HexCrawler without wire or electronic components being exposed or interfering with the operation of the HexCrawler.

Dual Deck Electronics Mount Designeasy access
The HexCrawler has been designed so that you can mount the controlling electronics either on top of the upper deck or mounted inside,top of the lower deck. Also, the front and rear support brackets can swing open to allow easy access to the inside of the HexCrawler for battery and electronics installation or removal.

Power Requirements:
Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries are best suited for the Hex or HexCrawler. These batteries range from 1000 to 3000 series and are readily available at most hobby shops. At CrustCrawler, we use the 3000 series Ni-MH batteries. The HexCrawler can walk up to approximately an hour of continuous use before a recharge of a 3000 series Ni-MH battery.

Being the largest and lightest hexapod available, the HexCrawler has ample room to accommodate a multitude of additional sensors and hardware add-ons. Multiple expansion slots and holes have been strategically placed on both "decks" of the HexCrawler as well as the front and rear support brackets for the addition of hardware and electronics.

Unlike hexapods made from heavy, non-adjustable, plastics and other materials, the HexCrawler's legs are fully adjustable. Each leg offers 2 fulcrum points to choose from in the event your HexCrawler needs to carry extra heavy loads.


S2 Sensor Stand
•  Fully adjustable 90 degrees forward or backward from a centered position
•  Integrated pem nuts
•  Rugged all aluminum construction
•  Available in singles or 4-packs
Kit Contents
(1) Sensor Stand
(1) Mounting Plate
(2) #4 Lock Nuts
(2) 1/4" # 4 screws
(4) 5/16” #4 screws

S3 Tilt Pan System
•  All aluminum construction
•  Tilt and pan 180°
Variable speed
•  Mounts easily to any project
•  Pre-written BS2 code
•  More...
Kit Contents
(1) sensor bracket
(1) tilt bracket
(1) base circle
(1) base
(2) Hitec HS-322 HD servos
(2) 18” servo wire extensions


6 Channel FM Radio Control System
The all new Laser 6 radio systems are packed with features. With an ergonomically designed case the Laser 6 is an excellent choice for a feature packed economical 6 channel radio system for robot control.

Kit includes:
6-Channel Radio
Duel conversion RCD 3500 Receiver
(2) Hitec 322HD Servos
Nicd Battery (transmitter)
117V charger

6 Channel 75 mHz FM Transmitter
All Channel Servo reverse
Channel 1 and Channel 2 Dual rates
ATV's Channels 1 and 2
EPA on Channel 3
Channel 1 and 2 mixing function
Channels 2 and 4 mixing function
Trainer Capable


Servo Power Supply
This transformer is highly recommended for supplying continuous servo power (6Vdc 4A) without the worry of constantly re-charging a battery pack. It comes with a male adaptor plug which can be mounted to your project making power connections easy. Just plug it in!

The Servo Power Supply is included with the following SG5-UT Full Kit, SG6-UT Full Kit, Nomad HDATS Full Kit, and HexCrawler HDATS Full Kit.

(1) 24W, 2 prong, 6V, 4A Transformer
(1) Male power adaptor plug

BOE Power Supply
This 9v 500ma supply transformer is highly recommended for continuous use of the BOE/Basic Stamp combination without the worry of constantly re-charging a battery pack.

2400 NiCD battery
2x3 2400mah NiCD battery pack (7.2V)

PING)))™ Ultrasonic Sensor
•  Range - 2cm to 3.35m (~.8" to 11.3')
•  Supply Voltage: 5V +/-10% (Absolute: Minimum 4.5V, Maximum 6V)
•  Supply Current: 30 mA typ; 35 mA max
•  3-pin interface (power, ground, signal)
•  20 mA power consumption
•  Narrow acceptance angle
•  Size - 22 mm H x 46 mm W x 16 mm D (0.85 in x 1.8 in x 0.6 in)
•  Simple pulse in / pulse out communication
•  Indicator LED shows measurement in progress
•  Input Trigger - positive TTL pulse, 2 uS min, 5 uS typ.
•  Echo Pulse - positive TTL pulse, 115 uS to 18.5 mS
•  Echo Hold-off - 350 uS from fall of Trigger pulse
•  Burst Frequency - 40 kHz for 200 uS