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AX Series Smart Robotic Arms

Key Features

  • 1mbs serial communication protocol
  • Single actuator design per axis
  • Fully ROS,MATLAB,LABVIEW Compatible!
  • Rugged, all aluminum construction for maximum kinematic accuracy (1mm - 3mm)
  • Hard Anodized finish for maximum scratch and corrosion resistance
  • Large gripper with a 4.25 in(10.79cm) clearance
  • Compatible with ANY micro-controller/computer control system / programming Language (Open Source!)
  • The only robotic arms that feature feedback for position, voltage, current and tempertature
  • Smooth, sealed, self lubricating ball bearing turntable
  • (3) integrated mounting tabs for easy mounting to a fixed or mobile base
  • Fast 1M bps communication speed.
  • Full control over position (300 degrees), speed, and torque in 1024 increments
  • Automatic shutdown based on voltage or temperature with status indicator LED
  • AX Robotic Arm IGS Model
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AX Smart Robotic Arm Configurations
  • AX Robotic Kit

    AX Hardware Kit

    • (1) Rugged, all aluminum AX Series Robotic Arm Hardware kit
    • (1) Fully Illustrated Construction Guide
    • Note: This kit requires any combination of (4) AX-18A or AX-12A servos
    Hardware Kit - no Wrist Rotate
    Hardware Kit - with Wrist Rotate
  • AX Robotic Kit

    AX-12A Full Kit

    • (1) Rugged, all aluminum AX Series Robotic Arm Hardware kit
    • (1) Fully Illustrated Construction Guide
    • (4) AX-12A Servos without wrist rotate / (5) AX-12A Servos with wrist rotate
    With (4) AX-12A Servos - no Wrist Rotate
    With (5) AX-12A Servos - with Wrist Rotate
  • AX Robotic Kit

    AX-18A Full Kit

    • (1) Rugged, all aluminum AX Series Robotic Arm Hardware kit
    • (1) Fully Illustrated Construction Guide
    • (4) AX-18A Servos without wrist rotate / (5) AX-18A servos with Wrist Rotate
    With (4) AX-18A Servos - no Wrist Rotate
    With (5) AX-18A Servos - with Wrist Rotate
  • CM-700

    CM-700 Controller

    • (1) CM-700 Control Module
    • (1) CD-ROM with CM-700 Control Software including RoboPlus Task, Motion and Manager Control
    • (1) Mounting Screw / nut kit
    • (1) Interface cable
    CM-700 Users Guide and Technical Specifications
  • LN-101

    LN-101 USB Downloader

    • This special USB connector is required to connect the CM-700 to a computer USB port.
    • (1) LN-101 USB Downloader
    • (1) 100cm USB cable
    LM-101 Users Guide
  • OpenCM9.04-B


    • Controller: OpenCM9.04-C x 1
    • Socket - 1x20 PIN Header Socket x 2
    • Socket - 1x20 BOX Header Socket x 2
    • Cable - USB Downloader Cable x 1
    • Manual - Instruction Manual x 1

    See the OpenCM9 product page for more information.

  • usb2dynamixel


    • USB2Dyanmixel provides USB to RS-232, RS-485, and AX-12 (TTL) interfaces in one unit.
    • (1) USB2dynamixel Controller
    • (1) USB cable

    See the USB2Dynamixel Product Page for more information.

  • AX-12A / AX-18A Power supply Kit

    AX-12A/AX-18A Power Supply

    12 Volt/5amp power supply provides plenty of power for the AX-18A Smart Robotic Arm

    • (1) 12Volt/5Amp Power Supply (requires AX12A/AX18A Power Harness)
  • AX-12A / AX-18A Power Harness

    AX-12A/AX-18A Power Harness

    The AX-12 power harness makes powering the AX-12A / AX-18A Smart Robotic Arm or any AX-12A/ AX-18A network quick and easy! Combine this connector with CrustCrawler's AX-12A/AX-18A power supply for a complete AX power system.

    • (1) Power Harness
    • (1) 2.1mm male P5 barrel plug
    • (2) 3 pin molex connectors for easy AX-12A / AX-18A and USB2Dynamixel connections
  • Flexiforce Pressure Sensor

    Flexiforce Pressure Sensor

    The active sensing area is a .375" diameter circle at the end of the sensor. The conductive leads are easy to connect to a breadboard or through-hole area. The Flexiforce has an ideal output for A/D conversion - 0V is no force and 4.2V is 100 lbs. The RCTIME command may be used with a LOOKUP table or calibration formula to execute some math to make the output useful.

    • (1) Flexiforce Pressure Sensor
  • Ping Ultr Sonic Sensor

    Ping Ultra Sonic Sensor