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Robotis OpenCM9.04-A


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  • OpenCM9.04 is an open-source controller that runs a 32bit ARM Cortex-M3.
  • Supports the 3-Pin connector to control ROBOTIS AX amd MX Dynamixels which supports TTL communication.
  • Uses a USB Cable (Mircro-B) (included), which is used for some smartphones to download programs onto the board.
  • The board is easily programmable with [ROBOTIS OpenCM], an Arduino-like IDE that allows the user to easily program in C/C++.
  • JTAG / SWD terminal can be used run commercial developmental programs.
  • Be sure to visit the Robotis Support Web site for the latest drivers/schematics and software for the OpenCM9.04 controller and the OpenCM 485 Expansion Board
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  • OpenCM9.04-A

    OpenCM9.04-A with connector set

    • Controller: OpenCM9.04-A x 1
    • Connector and Accessory Set x 1
    • Manual - Instruction Manual x 1
    OpenCM9.04-A (Single)
  • OpenCM Expansion Board

    OpenCM 485 Expansion Board

    • OpenCM 485 Expansion Board x 1
    • Manual - Instruction Manual x 1
    OpenCM 485 Expansion Board