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2 in 1 Robotic Gripper

$99.00 w/AX-12

The Big Grip

Do you need a versatile gripper for picking up both large (~95mm max) and small objects? It's no problem with CrustCrawler's versatile 2 in 1 Big Grip. Add an AX-12 Smart Servo and get load, voltage, and tempurature feedback. The Big Grip can be mounted to any surface using the included pem stud integrated Smart bracket.

Big Grip Documentation

Assembly Guide

Big Grip Pictures

SG Gripper SG Gripper
Big Grip Gripper Kits
  • FlexiForce Sensor

    FlexiForce Sensor

    The active sensing area is a .375" diameter circle at the end of the sensor. The conductive leads are easy to connect to a breadboard or through-hole area. The Flexiforce has an ideal output for A/D conversion - 0V is no force and 4.2V is 100 lbs. The RCTIME command may be used with a LOOKUP table or calibration formula to execute some math to make the output useful.

    Flexi Force Documentation and Code for the STAMP

  • PING)))™ Ultrasonic Sensor

    PING)))™ Ultrasonic Sensor

    • Range - 2cm to 3.35m (~.8" to 11.3')
    • Supply Voltage: 5V +/-10% (Absolute: Minimum 4.5V, Maximum 6V)
    • Supply Current: 30 mA typ; 35 mA max
    • 3-pin interface (power, ground, signal)
    • 20 mA power consumption
    • Narrow acceptance angle
    • Size - 22 mm H x 46 mm W x 16 mm D (0.85 in x 1.8 in x 0.6 in)
    • Simple pulse in / pulse out communication
    • Indicator LED shows measurement in progress
    • Input Trigger - positive TTL pulse, 2 uS min, 5 uS typ.
    • Echo Pulse - positive TTL pulse, 115 uS to 18.5 mS
    • Echo Hold-off - 350 uS from fall of Trigger pulse
    • Burst Frequency - 40 kHz for 200 uS