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AX-12A / 18A Dual Robotic Gripper

AX-12 Dual Gripper

Compatible with both the AX-18A and AX-12A Actuators.

AX-12A / 18A Dual Gripper

The AX-12A / 18A Dual robotic gripper design is ideal for a myriad of robotic arm manipulation tasks that can be applied to all types of shapes. The 9” gripper opening and dual drive system which can accept either the AX-12A or the AX-18A servos, makes this our most versatile gripper option for the AX-12A / 18A Smart Robotic Arm. All aluminum parts of the AX-12A / 18A Dual Gripper have our unique integrated PEM nuts which makes for quick and easy assembly.


Assembly Guide Technical Specifications Dual Gripper IGS Model


Dual Gripper Dual Gripper Dual Gripper Dual Gripper Dual Gripper
AX-12 Dual Gripper Kits
  • AX-12A Dual Gripper Kit

    Dual Gripper Kit

    • (1) AX-12A / 18A Dual Gripper Hardware kit
    • Compatible with the AX-12A and AX-18A Actuators
    • Up to a 9in (22.86cm) gripper opening
    • Dual Gripper IGS Model
    • With AX-18A Servo
      With AX-12A Servo
      No Servo
  • FlexiForce Sensor

    FlexiForce Sensor

    The active sensing area is a .375" diameter circle at the end of the sensor. The conductive leads are easy to connect to a breadboard or through-hole area. The Flexiforce has an ideal output for A/D conversion - 0V is no force and 4.2V is 100 lbs. The RCTIME command may be used with a LOOKUP table or calibration formula to execute some math to make the output useful.

    Flexi Force Documentation and Code for the STAMP